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'Twas dawn she heard him calling...
Miss, say a prayer for me,
For only God doth know mine fate,
And he shall not decree.

I am a ghost upon this earth,
And trapped upon it yet,
Until a kiss from one so fine
My freedom true and set.

Then even God shall have to sway
And let me pass from here,
To roam with others dead as me
With merriment and cheer.

And while I be a phantom lass,
Please do not cry those tears.
For death is not so cruel and harsh,
So put away those fears....

Now off I sail to heaven, love,
Until we meet again.
I'll wait for you as always, girl,
Just yonder, past the plain.

And when your bones are weak and old,
And mortal soul set free,
Go roam and search awhile, love
And you shall be with me.
I've always loved old prose. There is something so alluring to it; I've always been drawn to it. I figured "Hey, why not give it a go?" So I did. And I really like how it came out.
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April 3, 2012
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